5 Top Tips to use SEO to rank your website on Google

5 Top Tips to use SEO to rank your website on Google – Google is the most popular search engine in the world and also in Singapore. More than 70-80% of searches performed in Singapore is on Google and this has also led to many businesses rushing to get their products and services either ranking on Google using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods or through using Google Adwords Pay-per-click (PPC) methods to gain an extra edge over their competitors.

Most people in Singapore find clicking on ads to be something that they do not naturally do. Regular customers we work with usually tell us that they prefer to click on organic results on Google because they believe that the results are what Google actually came up with and will most probably be the most relevant to what they are searching for and will be the best in terms of usage value for the users of Google themselves. This level of credibility given by the thoughts of the users themselves lends a lot of trust for the businesses that manage to rank themselves high up on Google’s Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

So what are the 5 Top Tips to use SEO to rank your website on Google:


  1. Make sure you are on Google Local (Google Business) 

    Google Local or Google business is probably the easiest way for you to show up on Google. A well optimized Google local page is one that will show up when someone needs your services within the region that you are based. Having your contact details, website and also address clearly stated there allows people in the region to find your service locations easily. You can also add an extra message tab so that you can be reached when customers use the message function on their Google search!Google local is also easy to rank when you are an old business with many people mentioned your business name, location and contact detail on their websites.Get show on Google local definitely will help you gain rankings much easier and faster than getting yourself ranking for organic keywords!

  2. Your on-site search engine optimization is on point and maximized 

    On-Site Search Engine Optimization is the easiest way to get yourself ranking well, because that is what you can control. Make sure you have your keywords done up properly in your meta descriptions and title. Keywords should also exist within your content so that it allows you have enough keyword density on your website for it to rank well for that specific keyword.Do avoid keyword stuffing though, something that Google extremely detest.Also make sure you site architecture is well done so that the Google Spiders will not take forever to get to every page on your website. A clean website structure also allows for your potential customers and users a better experience in navigating around your site.

  3. Getting high quality links from other websites 

    Buying links is a no go in Googles books but getting links through guest posting is one of the most effective ways of getting high quality links coming to your website. If you are good at writing good content and have a good insight into how something works, write the article and find the relevant sites to share them with. Ask for a link and see your website climbing in ranking in no time!Of course before you go around asking for links, you should also have an interesting website where people will want to organically share your site and give you links!

  4. Having high quality content regularly updated on your website 

    Writing high quality content on your website is important to how Google views your website. There is a saying that “Content is King”. Google likes to share the articles written by people who write high quality work that will improve the knowledge base of what it has on its on search engine. It increase your domain authority because you are the chosen one that is consistently writing and consistently writing good stuff!Posting on a regular schedule allows Google to know that you are someone who is serious with your work and probably an expert in it too. Also post it on other social media platforms to gain eyeballs for it. Social shares will also improve how Google views your website, so when you start writing or blogging, share it on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms that will not just show your friends, family and customers that you write but also show them that you are an expert in your domain!

  5. Easy to use and quick loading website 

    The website should be a quick loading site because everyone hates a slow website in this age of fast loading and short attention span. The website should also be easy to navigate because if people are lost and do not go around clicking and bounce of the site, Google will find out through their algorithms and penalize your website.Want to find out how fast your website loads? Go to Google Page insights and search your website to find out how Google views your site.Having someone stay on your site for a longer period of time and exploring more of it adds to your website’s value to Google that you are worth your buck and ranking you well in place so that you are able to serve their customers well!



Remember that Google wants to give their users the best experience they can have by using their platform, so that they can also show them ads to make money for themselves. So with that objective in mind you will be able to consider how best to give the best search engine experience for your potential clients.

This 5 Top Tips to use SEO to rank your website on Google will form the basis of how to start working on your website for long term benefits of ranking well and attracting leads through SEO!

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5 Top Tips to use SEO to rank your website on Google

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