Social Media Marketing Services Singapore

Facebook and Instagram has over the years make a great rise in usage. Facebook users around the world have hit more than 2 billion users and the usage in Singapore is very high. Together with its affliated Instagram makes them one of the most popular platforms in the world and in Singapore. For most advertisers who are trying to reach their target audience, this two platforms cannot be missed. Facebook advertising may be quite accessible to the average user but for most parts, this platforms have become hard to advertise on due to the immense marketing dollars chasing each sale.

An experienced digital marketer will be the best person to come up with a optimization strategy that can best help you to reach out to your desired target audience with the best usage of every cent of your marketing dollar.

There are many components that a digital marketer can work on to better help you reach out to more clients for Social Media Marketing Services Singapore:

  1. Targeting the correct audience

    Trying to reach the correct audience is an art for most marketers and this is what experience will get you to. It is not as clear cut as 10 years ago when you are trying to reach the specific group and you get a very high return in terms of investment for your marketing dollar. There are so many Facebook Ads being shown to every single Facebook user everyday and what really makes the cut is really getting to the right people with the budget that you are setting forth on your advertising of your business.

    The right targeting can save you half of your budget so that you advertising efforts will go a longer way.

  2. Budgeting the right way for different forms of campaigns

    When you start a new campaign, always start it with the intention to getting a good testing on what works and what doesn’t. Are people clicking on your ad? Are people responding well to it? What works and what doesn’t also comes from the experience of the digital marketing professional who may have had tried a tons of ways of reaching people and finding out what really works.

    Budgeting also helps you to run a campaign on the best timings and the best forms or style of reaching a client. Are you more suited for the mobile or desktop? This comes from experience and lots of testing.

  3. Images and Copy-writing

    Copy-writing makes a big difference to who will want to click on your advertisement. A good writing that is clear cut and to the point will bring you the no bullshit customers who will make their purchases. Always use an image that brings about the emotional feelings of wanting to reach out to your site and making the purchase or at least visiting and setting them thinking if it works for them!

  4. Re-targeting 

    People who end up on your site but not buy something might be the best people to do retargeting. When you re-target, you spend lesser marketing dollar and you might be able to convert them. Re-targeting can also bring repeated customers who have a good feeling about your brand but have purchased in the past and now they will want to work with you again and buy something else.

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Social Media Marketing Services Singapore